I use Linux and this is why you should too

I use Linux and this is why you should too
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I began my journey in computing on Windows before moving briefly to Mac. I have finally settled on Linux and I will never use any other operating system on my home PC.

Before Linux

I have used Windows since the early 90’s. I quickly became accustomed to it and I didn't even consider trying another operating system. Windows, at the time, was something new and it was something that I constantly kept learning. I became used to its quirks and leaned to live with it, like most people.

Around 2010, I bought my first Mac. Mac gave me the first taste of a Unix-like environment for everyday use and, as a result, has probably been responsible for me discovering and growing to love Linux. The one problem with Mac for me, however, is the Apple business model of locking the user into the Apple ecosystem. For example, it is difficult to install software not found in the official store. This, in my opinion, is the opposite of freedom of choice.

My Linux

In 2016, I installed Linux Mint on my ageing home PC and I was hooked. Here is a system that is very easy to use (like Windows) and it ‘just works’ (like Mac). Plus, I have the added bonus of total and absolute freedom when it comes to configuring my system to get it just the way I like it.

Besides Linux Mint, I have also used Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and Manjaro.

Why use Linux?

Put simply, Linux desktops look and feel amazing, but most importantly, they work extremely well and have become very user-friendly. Most Linux distributions are super-stable; I have left my desktop PC powered on for months at a time and yet, every time I go back to use it, it is as fresh as if it has just been started up.

The advantages of Linux over other operating systems are too numerous to mention, but let me slide some in anyway!

  • Free everything, as in free OS, free word processing and spreadsheets, free photo, audio and video editing. All the stuff you once had to pay for? Free.
  • Linux is open source, meaning anyone can inspect and change any part of the code.
  • Security – A hotly debated topic but most will agree that Linux is more secure than Windows. (Mic drop).
  • Can run on granny’s old computer.
  • Can be customised to death. Literally, every single thing can be customised to suit your own personal preferences.

If you seek freedom, privacy and transparency, install a Linux distribution today. Check out distrowatch.com for Linux resources, reviews and tips on which open source operating system may be best for your needs.

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