DaRmEtH rebooted, DaRmEtH reloaded

DaRmEtH rebooted, DaRmEtH reloaded
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Well, it certainly has been a very long time. DaRmEtH has resurfaced after the longest reboot ever!

A lot has happened since 2009/2010...for those that remember. Yes, things have moved on, and yes, I am most definitely still doing my thing. Times, however, have changed.

I am kicking off this blog today as a reload, a reboot and a rebrand. I'm still fighting the good fight but now, I think it is time for me to start thinking of my legacy. I've had more fun that most so it's probably the right time to get a little serious.

What's the big idea?

This blog is for knowledge-sharing. I aim to share some of the things I have learnt on this journey and hope that some of you will be moved enough to contribute the same. Think of it like a massive BitTorrent swarm for braincells, where we share and learn from each other.


Because we can.


Forgive me if some names don't make it on here in the first draft; I will certainly add them when they are recalled.

Pinsel, Oblivion, Obie, moetjojo, JackD3ath, ArizonaDesertRat, l4mbch0ps, @ndres, mickyfen, Tano.

Where ever you are, and what ever you're doing, you guys rock. Always.


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