Flexclip - A Free Video Editor

Flexclip - A Free Video Editor

We like free! I was lucky enough to be invited by flexclip.com to test-drive their video maker. I must say, I’m impressed. They have a large catalogue of royalty-free stock video neatly organised into categories and ready to go with one of the many templates. The interface is polished, incredibly user friendly and very easy to navigate with handy tips along the way to get you started. Video creation is...simple! Import your own videos or choose from the vast library of stock footage and photos. Edit and customise your clip, then export. Literally, all done in three easy steps.

Let’s take a closer look.

About Flexclip

Flexclip Video Maker is an online video editing software by PearlMountain Limited. It runs in your browser, although only Chrome is supported at this time. Flexclip allows users to perform video editing functions such as trimming, merging, zooming and resizing of images, and includes advanced features such as watermarking and recording voice-overs.

Flexclip is offered in three pricing tiers: Free, Basic and Plus.

Free allows a maximum of up to 480p on exported videos which can be up to one minute in length. Basic allows 720p and three minutes and Plus users can export 1080p full HD clips up to five minutes in length. The pricing is, in my opinion, reasonably structured according to the target users for each tier.

Test driving Flexclip

I managed to piece together a quick video with text and audio from a template, then exported the finished clip in under five minutes. The choice of available stock video and photos is mind boggling but they are all categorised to help narrow down the search. Videos can also be created from scratch using imported footage.

Final word

This is going to be huge! Although I’m not a social media content creator, for those who are, this tool will provide an easy and efficient way to produce and engage with their audience. The product makes available options that are generally reserved for professionals and come at a hefty price. The fact that it is browser-based is a big plus, as most video editing software requires decent hardware to run on.


This article is a review of free software. No payment was received in exchange for the placement of this article.

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