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We stand in solidarity with Dr Larry Sanger. He has called for people around the world to stop using social media for 48 hours, on 4 to 5 July, 2019. The aim of this strike action is to apply pressure on the large social media networks, specifically around the issue of personal data and privacy.

Sign the Declaration of Digital Independence on Dr Sanger’s blog. Dr Larry Sanger is the co-founder of Wikipedia.

If you are still active on the large social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, please consider the alternatives; they offer decentralised and distributed infrastructure, thereby limiting censorship and control.

Governments and corporations exert too much control over what we, the consumer, have access to. Further, they censor our basic human right to free speech. Free speech is not only an American thing...it is your basic human right, wherever you are in the world.

Social networks have sought to stifle debate and opinion and it is time to put an end to it. There are alternatives to Facebook, Twitter and Reddit out there. Seek them out and make a change.

We ARE free to express our opinions, even if those opinions do not align with general consensus. We ARE free to decide who has access to our private data. And we ARE free to think differently.


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