Too many adverts on the internet

Too many adverts on the internet
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We hate adverts. will never, ever display any adverts on this website. Ever.

We live in an age of consumerism, and are constantly bombarded with adverts 24 hours a day. They are on every street corner, every page, every device. We are being served “targeted, personalised” ads tailored just for us. The corporations are telling us about things we need, whether we want them or not. We are slaves to the corporations.

Online advertising is especially creepy. They track you and follow you everywhere; they know your search history, and might even know your name, age, gender and where you live. That sounds very much like a stalker.

Why do we tolerate this? Why do we need to install ad blockers on our browsers? Why, in turn, are the ad blocker developers forced to continually update their software to counter new ad blocker evading techniques used by advertisers? Then, there are those websites that demand you disable your ad blocker as soon as you land on their site. It is all getting a bit tiresome.

Never stop ad blocking

In this report from 2016, it was estimated that 26 percent of desktop users and 15 percent of mobile consumers use ad blocking software. That’s not nearly enough; we need to achieve 100% to stop this menace.

  • Install ad blockers on every device.
  • If you know how to install an ad blocker, help out the technically challenged. Install them for your parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents.
  • Install a decent ad blocker like uBlock Origin available as a browser add-on for most browsers. It is open source and does not allow some ads to slip through their filters for a bribe. We are specifically calling out Adblock Plus, one that should be avoided. They accept payments from corporations to white-list their ads and call it Acceptable Ads Initiative.
  • Boycott websites that demand the disabling of ad blockers. You will definitely find the information somewhere else, advert-free. Like here.

As consumers, we generally don’t realise how much power we hold. Information is free, and is meant to be free for everyone. By changing our collective browsing habits, we can squash this online advertising menace. Any online presence reliant on advertising should really be forced to use a little more imagination on how they can grow, instead of plastering adverts on everything.

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