Using Telegram for private p2p file sharing

Using Telegram for private p2p file sharing
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BitTorrent is a wonderful technology but it has one problem; it offers very little privacy. The nature of the technology is such that it is not private by design, and it therefore leaves any file sharing activity (legal or otherwise) wide open to inspection. Many BitTorrent users have resorted to VPN services to mask their identities and activities, but this is an additional expense.

Direct File Downloads

Personally, I’ve never been much of a fan. Most of the free providers I have tried contain way too many ads and this is the one thing that, for me, spoils the user experience. That, and the short file retention policy; for example, has a delete policy of 30-days if there is no activity on the files. But for a free service, who can complain?

The Solution: Telegram P2P

Enter Telegram the messaging app. It provides unlimited cloud-based storage that is private and secure, with no retention policy, meaning, your data remains there as long as your account is active. Telegram is 100% ad-free (which is definitely a plus) and it offers a 1.5 GB maximum file size.

Questions are asked about how long the ‘unlimited’ storage at Telegram can last and whether it is even sustainable as a business model long-term. I have no other answer besides: time will tell.

How private is Telegram?

According to Telegram’s own policy, action is only taken on public groups and channels; they don’t touch private channels, chats and groups. And I can vouch for that. Have a browse through their FAQ section if you are unfamiliar with Telegram.

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